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Building Inspiring Staircases

Lunna Designs offers a full service, turnkey experience from concept to installation for designer level, feature staircases, made from ‘less than traditional’ staircase materials, such as Glass, Stainless Steel, Concrete, Exotic Woods, etc. We submit a proposal to you based on an initial analysis of the provided plans and specifications and hope to work directly with you and/or your team to transform your space with a staircase that is both artistic and functional.

I, with my team, will conduct a preliminary study of your project to determine feasibility based on the selected structure and materials and to confirm that your design intention is absolutely achievable; we have the expertise necessary to bring virtually any project to life in a spectacular way. Lunna Designs offers the absolute best solutions to all obstacles when designing our stair projects.

Our attention to detail and flawless execution is unmatched. We aim to provide the highest quality outcome for every project and seek to work with clients who expect nothing less. To that end, our initial analysys represents the first step in the process of finalizing the design and relaying pricing parameters to get the project started.

After we get certain information from you, we will provide you in the proposal with a general description of the quoted elements which include materials and other associated services, as well as conditions and remarks applicable to the project. If this quotation aligns with your expectations for the staircase project, the next step is to gather more information about the site and starting the planning /shop drawings phase.

Again, we especially excel at producing unique, designer level, premium staircases with customized elements that are transformative. When clients are seeking that something extra, something special, they come to us. We hope this is the reason you have chosen Lunna Designs as your provider for exceptional stairs and we look forward to working with you on this important feature project.

Engineering Process

Engineering each project is an essential part of the process.  Our in-house design staff will either develop a concept for you or design based on the concept supplied.  Once that concept is confirmed we need to engineer solutions to bring our creation to life with both functionality and creativity in mind.  Our goal is to help you realize the custom staircase project you desire while ensuring it is fabricated to perform and last for years to come.

Designing minimalism into a floating staircase made from glass and or steel as a structural component requires attention to material sizes and stresses, as well as how the parts will work together.  Calculations are often required to ensure our designs will perform as expected once fabricated.  For this, we work with a number of independent structural engineers to verify the strength of the materials as well as all of the connections and attachment points to ensure the structure is completely sound.  Designing a beautiful, minimalistic, staircase is easy on paper, but to ensure your design will work requires the expertise of a number of people including a good engineer.

In-house engineering extends to providing shop drawings and designing our stair systems based on years of design and field experience.   Engineering calculations approved by an independent structural engineer provides you with the assurance that our project will perform as expected and will last for years and years to come.   Independent calculations are not always necessary or required; however, when designing a project that is completely customized and unique, we will always include or recommend employing the service of an independent engineer to verify all prior to fabrication.

Installation Process

Installation is one of the most important phases of the process.  Once fabricated, a project will need to be received on the job site and properly installed.  We offer several options for installation:

  1.  Provide off site support to your GC on the less complicated installation projects (saving you money) – plan review and instructions.
  2.  Field supervision and support – a single lead installer from Lunna Designs will remain on site on a daily basis for up to one week to ensure proper installation procedures are followed and assist with plan interpretation, installation techniques, rigging, and positioning.
  3.  Full-Service Installation – The Lunna Design team will fully install your stair project as the final step to a completed project.

Each option has its place and will be reviewed to determine the best solution for you and the project.  Installation costs are a factor of hours and job site proximity and are evaluated based on the complete set of shop drawings and the site conditions.  Some installations are very easy to perform and can be installed by a qualified carpenter.   Others more complicated and require expertise and experience.  Our installers are well trained and have the on-site know how to ensure a proper installation.

Outside of the tri-state area we very often include Site visits, supervision and installation assistance on most projects.   This provides the local GC the piece of mind knowing someone, along with him/her, is taking ownership of the process and confirming every detail throughout the process as it is approved.

Shipping and Delivery

Stair projects are made up of many parts.  Unlike traditional wood staircases where the entire staircase is fabricated at one facility and arrive fully assembled for installation, glass and steel staircases require assembly on site.  Several fabricators may be employed to bring a glass staircase to life.  For example, a Structural Glass Stair project will require a glass fabricator (for structure), a steel fabricator (for rail and hardware), and a wood fabricator (for treads).  Coordinating these elements into one project requires transport expertise, and because most of our products are fabricated abroad, we facilitate the entire process of transport and delivery from the our vendors all the way to the Job site – this service is always included in every project.

All parts are consolidated at our facility and packaged for transport prior to a final quality control check.  Parts are generally packaged in customized crates designed to minimize weight and size and maximize transport protection.  Because of fluctuating shipping costs we always wait until all parts are packaged and in a crate, prepped for shipping, and ready to be delivered before obtaining the final costs; however, we will always provide an estimation of shipping costs within our proposal.


Our Core Values

The greatest result we can achieve is to deliver a design that is perfectly in line with your requirements as our customer.