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Proof of Concept

Lunna Designs excels at producing unique, designer inspired architectural elements that can transform your commercial or residential space with a one of a kind stair, railing or designer showcase element. The Proof of Concept phase is a conversation about your project to ensure that Lunna Designs is the right choice for you. This short and informal discussion is also our opportunity to become more informed and gather general information about the size, scope and type of material required for your project. As well, we’ll ask to discuss and see your plans and photos (if available) that communicates the design’s overall direction. Based on this information, our deliverable to you is an estimated budget for your consideration. Our initial budgets are grounded in the experience we have gained delivering a wide variety of designer level solutions. An initial budget can be provided generally within 1 to 3 business days from our discussion for your review and consideration.


When our Proof of Concept is accepted, a fuller discussion is scheduled to more formally review project details. These details help Lunna Designs calculate and provide an accurate and near complete budget estimate based on the specific project requirements such as material and fabrication costs. During this second consultation we collaborate in order to articulate our understanding and gain more clarity from you about your project. This conference with Lunna Designs can also be done by phone, web or video. Depending on the complexity of the project, more than just one consultative session may be required. Any follow-up discussion is always to answer questions that have arisen after Lunna Designs has had a chance to reflect on solutions in order to more fully develop the project and its unique specifications. We do this in terms of what we call the “5 Fs”. The 5 Fs are:

  • Form: what are the distinctive materials – beyond the type of structure itself – required?
  • Fit: recognition of areas of concern that need to be overcome regarding materials and placement of your unique design.
  • Function: consider any challenges that may present themselves regarding the relationship between the conceptual design and its singular purpose.
  • Features: what, if any, trade-offs may need to be considered to ensure that the design requirements, quality dimensions and materials all meet expectations.
  • Fabrication: what sourcing and manufacturing decisions need to be made so there is little to no impact on timing and installation?


The Proposal stage is the culmination of work thus far by Lunna Designs. While some elements of the project may be still in flux, the Proposal document provides you with our most comprehensive interpretation of your inspired design based on exhaustive cost calculations prepared to date for you to approve in order to commence the project. We look to you to confirm that Lunna Designs has captured your vision accurately. Client changes to the project after a signed agreement all have an impact on your budget. Once our Proposal is accepted and returned to Lunna Designs we can begin the Design phase.


As the name implies, the Design phase is just that…the design of your project. This includes the determination and sourcing of the materials, and the features that meet your needs. During the design phase the coordination of shop drawings and revisions are managed by Lunna Designs, working in concert with architects and General Contractors. Measurements are formerly documented and engineering tasks are assigned to ensure that your structure is sound, functional and feasible for manufacture. Lastly, in the Design phase, your project transforms from concept to a working set of plans ready for fabrication..


The manufacture of your design is an exacting and critical role for Lunna Designs. We work with proven fabricators who specialize in non-traditional staircase and architectural elements located across the globe. Depending on the complexity of the project, quality requirements, batch size and available production capacities, manufacturing lead times vary from project to project. Highly distinctive projects – those undertaken by Lunna Designs – necessitate manufacturing estimates that range from weeks to months. During this “gap” period, Lunna Designs is monitoring metrics and timelines to ensure quality, as well as adherence to predetermined milestones, for a successful and timely delivery.


Last, and certainly not least, is the realization of your vision. During the Installation phase Lunna Designs is at the center of coordination and supervision. Your distinctive architectural statement is orchestrated by our on-site team of professional installers. Lunna Designs provides seamless coordination and installation to ensure that your signature design takes shape as intended. Chance and inexperience have no place as we reach the apex of our journey. Lunna Designs is committed to the realization of your “single and unrepeatable” vision, destined to inspire all for years to come.

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