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Inspired Designs

Lunna Designs offers a full service, “concept to installation” experience to bring your inspired design to life using less than traditional materials such as glass, stainless steel, concrete, exotic woods, etc. Lunna Designs relies on a collaborative approach to help you reach your goal for a transformational design that is both artistic and functional. Our first deliverable is a Letter of Understanding. This is based on our initial analysis of your provided plans and specifications that begins the journey towards a spectacular design.

After initial specifications are reviewed and understood, Lunna Designs will provide to you a detailed proposal that includes materials and associated services, as well as conditions and professional annotations applicable to the project. As mutual expectations become aligned, we dive deeper into project specifications – ensuring client approval along with way – in order to accurately develop plans / shop drawings necessary for custom fabrication and installation.

Lunna Designs excels at producing unique, designer inspired architectural elements that transform any space into a one of a kind showcase. Let’s not discount project execution…Lunna Designs’ client experience is supported by 75 years of project management, design and field experience. When discerning clients want something extra, something that is more than special, Lunna Designs is the clear choice.

Choose Lunna Designs to make a one of a kind statement that will set your property apart from all the rest.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs

Our goal is to realize your architectural desire while ensuring it is fabricated to perform, is within budget, is functional, is creative, and will last for years to come.

Engineering is an essential part of the entire process. Our in-house design staff will develop a concept based on our collaborative discussions to help make your concept a reality. Once a concept is confirmed, Lunna Designs uses advanced computer aided design (CAD) systems to bring your creation to life in 3D renderings for review and approval.

Designing a beautiful, minimalistic, architectural statement – like a staircase – is easy on paper but to ensure your design will work requires the expertise of a number of dedicated professionals and certified engineers. Moreover, sophisticated engineering computations are often required for the completely custom and unique projects we undertake. Therefore, Lunna Designs works with independent, professional structural engineers who provide assurances and who can verify that the strength of the materials, as well as connections and attachment points, are completely sound to protect your investment.

The greatest result Lunna Designs can achieve is to deliver a design that is perfectly in line with your requirements and expectations.

The Perfect Journey

All of the projects undertaken by Lunna Designs are comprised of many moving components, least of which is management of transportation to the ultimate job site.

Unlike traditional construction projects where a unique architectural element is fabricated at one facility and arrives fully assembled ready for installation, non traditional material construction requires assembly on site. Several fabricators may be employed to bring your unique project to life.  For example, a structural glass stair project will require a glass fabricator (for structure), a steel fabricator (for rail and hardware), and a wood fabricator (for treads). Coordinating these elements into one project requires transport expertise. Since most of the unique and custom components required are fabricated abroad, Lunna Designs takes ownership of the entire “move” process. Taking ownership allows our specialized containerization expertise – for quality control and error free shipping and delivery – is included with every project.

Because of fluctuating lead times, transit times and shipping costs Lunna Designs will always wait until all parts are kitted for delivery before confirming final transportation costs. Working with our forwarders and transportation partners, Lunna Designs will always provide the most accurate estimation of shipping costs possible with our proposal.

This end to end service is always included with every project executed by Lunna Designs to ensure that our custom projects arrive safe and secure, and ready for installation.

Visualization of Your Dream

Installation is the culmination of our journey. At this point, all of the hard work that went into an inspired design, confirmation of specifications, design rendering, various approvals, sound engineering and final fabrication ends with on-site execution.

Lunna Designs offers several options for installation to fit your project needs:

  • Provide remote support to your General Contractor for Tier 1 projects (saving you money) that will ensure a successful installation.
  • For Tier 2 or Tier 3 projects, Lunna Designs provides field supervision and support – a single lead installer from Lunna Designs will remain on-site for up to one week to ensure that proper installation procedures are followed, assist with plan interpretation, setup rigging, positioning and, most important, provide leadership and hands-on expertise in the execution of proven installation techniques.
  • Lunna Designs’ on-site team is at the ready for full-service Installation of Tier 2 or Tier 3 projects.

Installation costs are a factor of hours, job site proximity and are evaluated based on the complete set of shop drawings and the site conditions. Each custom design, and the associated installation, is unique and therefore could range from straightforward (requiring no more than a qualified carpenter) to highly complex requiring the specialized skills offered by Lunna Designs.

Lunna Designs’ installers are well trained and have the on-site know-how to ensure proper installation. Outside of our home tri-state area we very often include Project Management site visits, supervision and installation assistance. Each detail of the project during installation is approved for complete client satisfaction. This provides the local General Contractor – and our client – piece of mind knowing that project installation will not be left to chance.

Lunna Designs is ready to execute your design and make it an architectural statement that will be without equal.

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